Saturday, July 23, 2016

Jacob and Maren

We are a fun pair, I'd say. We aren't perfect, and we don't see eye to eye on everything (who does?), but we work on seeing eye to eye. And we find so much happiness together and in working together. I love doing projects with Jake. We undertook a big one in February when we were looking for a decently priced entertainment center.
We found this one on Craigslist but knew we wanted it in a darker wood. No problem! Except that daylight and time to do it with the kids busy or asleep isn't easy in this phase of life, and this baby had a LOT of surfaces to cover. One thing at a time, right?
Here it is at the previous owner's home:

Getting it done:
Here is the final product still needing some more decor, but you get the point:

We used gel stain in a java color and semi gloss varnish.

I'm pleased with it. Even if it took us five months to complete it. Jake is very happy to be able to park in the garage again.

And then, this makes me so happy... I asked Jake about taking a tap class over the summer at Tessa's dance studio so I could count it toward teaching recertification, and he responded with, "Can I take it with you?" We asked my mom if she'd be willing to watch the kids once a week so we could go to tap class together, and ta da! It worked out! I'm so grateful. It has been a blast and a challenge. We have a wonderful tap teacher who knows when to push and when to help us feel successful so we don't feel like floppy foot toddlers. It's so fun and fills a part of my heart that forgot how much I love to take dance class. And to take it with my best friend is double the fun. Did I mention I was grateful? :)

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