Monday, August 29, 2016

June 2016

On the last day of school, we met up with the Fitzgeralds for frozen yogurt and Yogurtville. Hurray for a good school year and good riddance to homework for a while!

Tessa is forever drawing, drawing, creating. And she's good at it. She came up with a book idea and figured the book cover was a good place to start. :) I love the personality in all of the babies.
Cole attending Vacation Safety School this year with his friend Julie. He loved it. They do such a good job with this program. We love our Plano Police Officers!

These girls are adorable. I told Tessa she could have a late over with friends, so we planned a date and partied. I took the girls to get ice-cream and then came back to a movie set up so they could watch Just Add Magic together. They are such a sweet and fun group.
Brooklyn, Tessa, Anna, and Evie: 

 (Julie joined us for ice cream.)

 We had an FHE with our friends one evening, and Gavin treated us to a musical number.

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