Tuesday, November 15, 2011


I'm getting my grocery shopping list together and planning out my part of Thanksgiving. Yay! For fun! I'm getting a little daring with a certain recipe and I need to find candied ginger. I've never shopped for candied ginger before. I only need 1 and 1/2 teaspoons of it, so I wondered if I could find it in a bin/sell by the pound place instead of having to buy a bag somewhere. I googled Whole Foods. Why not? They got me with a side link to "twelve healthier seasonal favorites" with a couple beautiful pictures of salads. Yum! Well, when we click over to see the other "favorites", we get this in the mix:
It's called "Celebration Lentil Loaf", although exactly what would be celebratory about it is beyond me. The song "One of these things is not like the other..." is now in my head. I'm just curious to know exactly which favorite of yours will be replaced with this beauty this Thanksgiving and what your guests' reactions might be.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Trunk or Treat and Halloween

I was so happy that our ward's Trunk or Treat was NOT on Halloween. Then we could celebrate two days and not feel like we were missing out on other things we wanted to do on the actual holiday. This results in too much candy, but a lot of fun.
I did not think through dressing the mom and dad up this year. I didn't have the energy for it like I did last year. I had the kids basically covered weeks ago, but I stopped there. One thing is for certain, though, and that is that we, the parents, DO dress up. No matter how lame. No matter what. It's Halloween. So, we scrambled.We've got our cute pirate and witch. And then we've got me, the ninja with a pregnant belly (I wish I would have staved off the coming trunk or treaters a little longer and done a ninja pose for the camera.) Best of all, in my opinion is Jake. He was a grown up Harry Potter. We laughed so hard the night before about it. All he had to do was draw a scar on his head and make a wand. We laughed about how now Harry has gained a few and works a desk job like so many others since he defeated evil way back in the day. The glory days back in high school. I laughed so hard I had tears streaming down my face. So, even if no one else appreciated it, I appreciated Jake's sense of humor and willingness immensely.
Halloween Night! I use the word "diva" sparingly, but with the pose she chose, I've got nothin' else for ya.
My pirate. Cole kept his hat on for candy. Good kid.

Jake took the kids into Dallas to the home/neighborhood of a coworker's. She loves Halloween and wanted to see our kids and basically spoil them. Jake made his way home from work, took the kids trick or treating down our street where a whopping two doors actually opened for us (our good friend across the street bought candy specifically for our children and after we left, she shut off her light and left), and then he took off for that neighborhood that actually likes holidays and children. Imagine that! We live in a safe and polite neighborhood, but our next home will be in a neighborhood where people want neighbors....who talk to them....and who actively care about what's going on around them. I took on passing out candy duty that night, and I think my door ended up getting knocked on 5 times during the night (my porch light was the only one on on my street and I had my door open. I tried so hard to be inviting, but no one was out around here!). When the kids got home, Jake told me about their experience with the friendly dressed up adults handing out candy with such fun decorations and overall enthusiasm He said kids were everywhere and it's just what Halloween should look like. He was sad I didn't see it. I was sad I didn't see it. I will one day live it. :)
The most important thing is that my kids had a great Halloween this year. They had several opportunities to party, play, and enjoy the fun. For that I am so grateful!
Now on to Thanksgiving!

Pumpkins and Panther Preschool

The Tuesday before Halloween was our designated jack o lantern night. Jake did one, with Cole helping to scoop out the guts, and then Tessa and I worked together. She drew the face on the pumpkin, and I carved it out. She was so proud.
You can't see the details that I loved the most, like the eyelashes and earrings.

Tessa had a Fall Festival at her school where they dressed up, played games, and paraded around for treats from some of the faculty at the high school where she attends school. Here she is listening to story time before the party got started.
These are all of the kids in the AM classes mixed together for one party. After the group pictures I was done with the camera. Keeping Cole from running through the school was my main focus.
One set of the teen teachers were having their last day with the kids, while another set came in to help and become acquainted for their own upcoming teaching time.