Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Cousin Time!!! -December 2014 and New Year 2015.

The other McBrides came to stay! We had such a wonderful time with them, and the kids were thrilled to have cousins to play with and dote on them. Jake and I treasured the time we had with them because our quick Utah trips don't allow for a whole lot of one on one time. We finally got some really good one on one time with each of them. It was long overdue. And a double date night with Matt and Mary while cousins just took care of each other!? Surreal.
The drive from Salt Lake City to Dallas is no easy feat. We were elated that they would take the time to get here. And clearly in style:

 I was a failure at taking pictures. I was nearing the end of the pregnancy nausea, but it was still lingering. I grabbed what Jake had and a few from Abby. Good thing other people are more on top of it than I am. These may be a bit mixed. At the zoo, at home, at the cattle statues...
These girls were inseparable.
 Fort Worth Zoo!

 Stock Yards. They're pretty cute.

Happy New Year! Abby and Hannah got invited to our multi stake youth New Year's Dance, so they went to make a memorable Texas night of it with the awesome girls in our ward. Meanwhile, we ate a bunch of sugar and pretended it was midnight with some poppers sometime before ten. Hooray!
It was awesome to spend New Year's Eve with family. 

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Merry Christmas, McBrides! -2014

Christmas morning beauties at the top of the stairs.

Merry Christmas kiddos!
Santa brought Tessa a sewing machine, Cole a nutcracker and some Legos, Paige some "girls"(Barbies) and clothes, and Sadie a Fisher Price farm. We had another lovely and quiet Christmas day filled with web cam time with each set of grandparents and yummy food, but mostly family time.

Courtesy of Cole's kindergarten teacher. Too funny.

Surfin' Santa's Little Helper -December 2014

For the past four years, Jake and played the part of Surfin' Santa at our friend's restaurant. The proceeds from the pictures taken go to charity. It's usually straight up during the busy Christmas Saturday bustle, but it's been a great thing for him to be a part of. Tessa asked certain questions this year that led her to certain answers she was ready for regarding Mr. Clause, so we wanted to make sure she had a part in that "creating magic" part of Christmas this year. Our friend Peachy went all out in making Tessa the elf helper, and she had a BLAST. She got to hand out candies and prizes to kids and watch her father play the big guy. She was buzzing about it for a long time afterward.
Plus, how cute is she?!?!
 Be still, my Christmas heart.

 The perks.
 And a big weirdo at home.

Tessa's Baptism - December 2014

Tessa was baptized a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints on December 6, 2014. Her father baptized her and confirmed her. Her Grandpa McBride was a witness and gave a special talk at the baptism about the Holy Ghost. It was a lovely day, and Tessa was one happy girl. Her best friend Anna played the piano while Tessa dried and dressed after the baptism, and Grandma McBride gave the closing prayer. We had a little open house after the baptism and the Reeds and Fitzgeralds came to hang out, play, and celebrate.

 I LOVE this laughing picture. This is definitely Tessa.
 Getting ready.

 With her proud papa.

 And morning sick mama.

 We were so fortunate to Grandma and Grandpa McBride with us.

 The fam.

 This would be the awesome stitched pillow from Grandma.

Eight is Great - December 2014

Happy Birthday, Tessa Lee!
 Tessa turned eight years old on December 3rd. She's such a great girl.

 Messy face sister.