Monday, March 24, 2014

Five months old

She's a sweet one, alright.
 I adore her good morning smiles.
My Sadie baby.

Paigey Lou Turns Two

Our Sassyfrass Sister turned two years old on February 2nd. We invited the Fitzgeralds and Adams to come eat and celebrate with us as some of Paige's favorite people on the planet. (Grammies and Gramps were too far away.)
There are a lot of pictures because Paige may be sassy, but, good grief, she's cute.
We first gave Paige her main present, which was this red bean bag chair. She happily settled in and got down to business.
Here is Emmeline checking out what Paige is doing:
 Presents from everybody!

We had a lovely night with friends celebrating our Paige. We love this hilariously stubborn yet cuddly caring girl. She adds so much to our family.


January 22, 2014
 "You're kidding..."
 "You're telling me..."
Poor spitty baby chin is hard to keep dry. Sweetie Sadie girl.

Raking Leaves in January