Saturday, July 23, 2016

May 2016

I was asked to take part in our ward's youth Zombie Run 5k. I asked my favorite zombie sidekick to join me. We had a great time smearing red craft paint on us and showed up come out of the trees on the 5k route to scare the young men and women into running just a little bit faster. 

 Wicked. I was so excited to share this show with my mom and daughter. It was a lovely girls night for us down at Fair Park. We had a bite to eat and enjoyed a really fun show. We prepped ourselves with emerald green nail polish in honor of the show.

My baby boy. I could kiss these cheeks all day long.
The school awesomeness continues. Tessa was Citizen of the Month in her grade for May.
 Cole lost his first tooth! He wasn't pleased with my tactics while in the midst of them, but he was all smiles once I yanked that sucker out.
 The girls wanted their picture too. Sadie isn't sure what she's doing, but, hey, it's like big sister --who looks cartoonishly devious here:

 Gavin's bottom front teeth came in first, but it's the top that are more noticeable. So, with his outer teeth having come in first on top, like Paige's did, he's gotten plenty of laughs over his toothy vampire grin.

We finally tried a burger truck in Lucas that we've wanted to try for some time. It's just out there on its own surrounded by fields. It was a lovely day, and it was a delicious burger.

 I was so proud of these two. They trained together for a 5k and completed it in May. Jake would wake Tessa up early two to three times a week for a run before school, which is tough! What a great accomplishment for a nine year old.
 Plus, she's adorable.

 Swing, batter, batter, batter, swing!
 But don't hit my furniture.

 At Grandma Lori's house for a barbecue! We enjoyed the outside loveliness and dessert.

 This boy and balls. First official word -ball.

 Whipped cream kisser.
 I went around and shared the wealth.
 Pool season is almost heeeerrre!
 And then we are reminded that it's not.

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