Friday, July 22, 2016

February 2016

New leather couches, ooooooh! This was quite the Christmas present to us, finally made and delivered. We love having more seating.

 So gross, yet so amazing at the same time:
 Jake served for five months in our ward as the Primary Chorister. He loved it. It was a wonderful opportunity for growth (and fun) in a calling he wouldn't have ever thought as a possibility before. It was really cool to see his love for these children grow so much in a short period of time and for him to share his love for music. He is certain this is the best calling in the church.

 As Jake connected with the alumni folks at Utah state about the Utah Aggies in Texas, he had to get a picture of the banner and Blue at a Texas landmark. There you go:

 We had Grandpa and Grandma Rich with us for a visit at that time:
 Here we are at one of our trips to Rudy's. Grandpa looooooves Rudy's.

 Grandma McBride made and sent the girls these very cool flower pillows. She's so talented. I wish I could bottle some of that and ingest it.

We had the youngest two Fitzgeralds over one morning in February, and I was smart enough to pull out the camera.
Here is Gavin admiring Geneva:
 Sweet baby cheeks!

 A natural pose:
 Emmeline and Paige:

 We'll throw Sadie in there too:
 These cute girls play so nicely together. Ems, Sades, and Paige.
 My sweetest blue eyed baby:

 And Sadie brown:
 Go, Rangers!

 My heart.
 Nakey baby in a blanket:

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