Monday, November 10, 2014

Lemonade Stand

June 18, 2014
Tessa is an idea person. She gets these big ideas and shares them with me, she also lets me know how to make an event or situation even more spectacular. Most often I look at her and wonder if she has me confused with someone else. I like to make things nice, but I am a minimalist. Or I avoid it completely. 
Sometime in May, Tessa decided she wanted to have a lemonade stand party. She told me about it, and rather than pay much attention, I told she'd have to be the one to plan it. She nailed down a date in June and proceeded to tell one friend at school and one at church about it and even brought an invitation for each. 
As the date got closer, I realized Tessa wasn't giving up on her lemonade idea, so I told her what supplies she'd need and told her she'd have to buy most of them. She made a list, and we went shopping. How could I squash the dream that she worked on? It's one thing to expect me to do it all, but she really made some detailed plans to carry it through. I can get behind that.
Tessa's friend Anna joined us for the hot afternoon of entrepreneurship. Her school friend wasn't able to make it, but there were plenty of "employees" available as the excited siblings joined in.
They finished the sign, and although at first it seemed we'd get rained on before we could even start, the rain clouds went away really soon after Tessa said a fervent prayer that they would.
For sale: Lemonade, strawberry lemonade, cookies, and popcorn. 
It was a success! The kids set up shop on our little corner lawn at our townhouse complex. Most people have to drive by us on their way home at the complex; and, come on, look at these faces. How could you pass them by? 
They were out there for a good couple of hours and remained fairly busy. Tessa never took a break. A couple of adults commented on how nice it was to see this because it made the complex feel a little more friendly. Anna's mom and I stayed back to let the kids take charge of the business (but close enough to shoo away the creepy UPS man if necessary). It was really fun to see the kids step up in this way and interact with strangers to sell their wares. Tessa recouped her original supply costs and had enough to pay all of her employees. I think she walked away with seven dollars profit for herself. I was really proud of her for seeing it all through. 

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Cole's Preschool Graduation Picnic

Cole loved being a student at Panther Preschool.
 At the end of the preschool year, Ms. McCutchen and her aides hold a big breakfast picnic where all the children can sing songs for the parents, eat, play, and say goodbye to their friends and teachers.

 So often Cole is the cutest boy on the planet.
Thank you, Ms. McCutchen!
It's been a really long time since I've had a video short enough or whatever the issue is that would allow me to play a video --but I've got one! Enjoy.


May 24, 2014
Sometimes all four children get along beautifully and all is right in the world.

 And sometimes Paige dances in her own interpretive style with her thumb in her mouth, wearing only a diaper and clinging to her "gank"-- and all is awesome in the world.

Tessa's Spring Show: Wizard of Oz-- After Dorothy

This year's spring show was a twist on Wizard of Oz. Tessa was a munchkin and a poppy dancer. She has a great time with these shows, and we're grateful for PDT and the wonderful teachers and students there. 
In the dressing room for dress rehearsal:

 Supportive sibbies:
 This year, Jake volunteered as one of the parents in the show. He had a really fun time stepping back onto the stage and helping with the show. He (and I) especially liked that he could share this show with Tessa. But, even when it's for the stage, it feels very odd putting mascara your husband...
 Cole was my date to the show. He and I shared some popcorn and had a lovely time. He especially enjoyed the creepy poppies and the witch.
 Cole brought flowers for Tessa and was so proud of her.
 She's so cute.

Anna came with our friend Dee to see the matinee and the gals went for ice-cream afterward. I love these silly little ladies.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

May 3, 2014 Littles

I didn't do the best job taking photos while we were in the apartment. So when I pulled out the camera occasionally, I took a bunch. I put Sadie in the Johnny Jump Up one day and Paige played with us too. We laughed, we cried, we bounced.

March/April 2014

Outing with Daddy:

 Eating solids!:
abt. 6 mos. old
 Quite a lightening storm at the complex:
 My diaper babies. As cute as they are, I won't be sad when I'm finished with two sets of diapers.

Sweet Sadie Chubs:

abt. 7 months old
 Progress on the house:


 Sadie's quilt from Grandma McBride:

 Easter egg hunt:

 He's resourceful at least: