Tuesday, May 19, 2009


I usually downplay situations or accomplishments because I'm not real big on attention. I know some of you are saying, "Yeah. Right." But, in my own mind, at least, I don't like coming across as a "Look at me!" or "Look at us!" kind of person.
However, this past weekend deserves some serious merit. So I am putting the usual discomfort aside and saying....
Look at us!
We did it!
I say "we" because trekking into the unknown involved more than one person here. This was the whole reason we took off for Texas.
Jacob graduated from SMU Dedman School of Law on Saturday, May 16. He even graduated Cum Laude.
I'm so proud of him. So proud.
Plus, he got to wear a really fun hat.

The last three years were a giant leap of faith, and one that we knew was right. We've discovered so much about ourselves during this process and learned really how much our Heavenly Father looks after us and makes things possible when we rely on Him.
Also, thank you to family and friends who have provided so much love and support.

Here is a video clip of Jake getting hooded. When he told me a while back that he would be hooded at graduation, I pictured something completely awesome.... like a dementor cape. I amused myself with all kinds of images in my head. Well, it was still awesome but in a very different and much more subtle way.

For anyone who doesn't know what comes next....

Jake just started his Bar Exam prep course which will last into mid July. I'll also have the baby sometime mid July. Then he will take the exam at the end of July. He is only taking the Texas Bar. There is no question that this is where we are supposed to be for now, and we're happy about it. Jake starts working for a great firm in Dallas in August --we feel extremely fortunate.

And then, sometime in the fall we'd like to get a vehicle with working A/C, doesn't shake when it goes over 60, and has a little more space. It just might happen.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Tap, tap, tap.

After waking several times during the night, I'm convinced I'm carrying the next Gregory Hines.

Photo c/o Sneaky Russian on Flickr.