Saturday, March 31, 2012

My new weekly calendar

I love calendars. I always have. They give me the impression I'm more organized than I really am. I was one of those teenagers who carried around a day planner instead of a purse.
Anywhooo, my fabulous friend Melissa has a long window pane calendar in her home that I really like. Dry erase markers on the pane to keep it updated, and you're in daily organizational heaven. She opened an etsy shop featuring vinyl art, and when I saw that she had this window calendar, I knew it wanted to live at my house. We met up recently as Melissa and her family were weekending it in Dallas from Oklahoma so she could get it to me and we could high five.
I added the scrapbook paper, and I'll tell you why. There is a pesky phone jack plate right behind Tuesday. The pane belonged right here on the wall in the hub of the home. It's the weekly calendar after all, and it needed to be near the monthly calendar. So, I did my best to improvise. The wall is in need of a paint job, but if anything can improve it in the meantime, it's my distressed window calendar. Love it.

Paigey Lou Who

She's a sweet one.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Paige's Blessing Day

March 4, 2012
What a lovely day! Paige looked so pretty in her blessing gown, even with that terrible baby acne coming from the hormones I seem to send coursing through my babies at about this age.
She is our Sweet P. Check her out:

Here she is lying on the quilt from Grandma M. I just wanna squeeze her.She was upset and crying at this point, reminding us of when we did this same picture taking with Dad and Sandy after Tessa's blessing where Tessa was tired crying. Paige was calm enough for a few more snapshots...

Grandma and Grandpa R. were awesome enough to take a short trip out just for the blessing. I'm grateful my dad could be there to stand in the prayer circle.
I actually had to teach the lesson in Relief Society at church that day too, so it was a pretty busy morning. Soon after we got home, Dad and Sandy packed up and Jake carted them off to the airport --they took Tessa and Paige for the ride while Cole took his nap. And then, sweet love, I was able to take a nap too. What a gift!
And what a great weekend. After spending time with loved ones, we had friends over for dinner that night where we laughed ourselves silly and let our kids party it up with one another too.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Visiting Fort Worth

Dad and Sandy trekked out for a quick weekend to visit and to be at Paige's baby blessing. We're grateful they were able to come. After we picked them up at the airport, we headed straight for Fort Worth on a gorgeous day.
I think we've got a picture of Tessa with this cowboy statue for every time we've been here:
There was a small concert going on outside one of the main buildings, so we stopped to listen for bit. Cole found himself a prime sitting stump, while Tessa danced to the music. (Hopefully the video at the bottom of the post is working so you can a see a little of her show.)
Since, I'm told, it's the grandparents' job to spoil the grandkids, Cole and Tessa walked away from a gift store with these light up twirly globe things that kept them entertained for days. Dad walked away with a t-shirt that said "Old People Rule" and had a picture of John Wayne on the front. Just as it should.
Here we were waiting for the longhorn cattle drive down the street that they do twice a day.
I really like this picture of Tessa and her grandma. Windswept beauties. And a light up twirly globe thing.
As you can guess, Cole's boots and hat combo were a hit here. The older cowboys we came across were clearly proud of the two year old who kept his hat on.
We ate at Joe T. Garcia's, which we really like, but a Ft. Worth judge Jake met while working told him that it wasn't worth beans compared to another place he loves. I guess we need to find a reason to get back out to Ft. Worth so we can try this other Mexican restaurant.
Fort Worth is fun, and it's even more fun with family in town....and the sun is shining.

Panther Preschool Fieldtrip

Tessa's preschool took a field trip to the local nature preserve. A parent/adult needed to attend and siblings were NOT invited, so rather than figure out what to do with Cole and lug myself and the baby along, I asked Jake if he'd be able to go with her. We're so thankful for a job that allows a little family flexibility. Tessa was excited to go with her dad, and I think her dad was equally excited. I'll have to see what I can do about getting some of Jake's phone pics of the trip put on here...

Three Amigos

February 19, 2012

Rubber Ducky, you're the one.

Paige's cord fell out much earlier than either of her siblings, so she was able to take a bath at about a couple weeks old. She loves the bath.