Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Happy 4th Birthday, Paige!

My Groundhog's Day baby.
The Butchers (well, three of them) came to say hi one evening. It was Barbara's birthday and Paige's! Barbara shared her awesome hat, and we had FHE together. With birthdays during the week, we often drag out the birthday celebration over a few days so we can give it the attention it deserves and not let it get covered up by our other time takers that keep us running.

Paige also had a pizza birthday lunch party with Emmeline and Spencer. They enjoyed a tea party with siblings as well and had a grand time playing.

 Siblings enjoying one of sister's birthday presents.

 We also had Grandma and Papa over along with Dee and her family for cupcakes that evening. I must say that this frosting was the best I have ever made. Paige wanted pink cupcakes. That I can deliver.

January 2016

Happy New Year!
We had an awesome family New Year's Eve party, and I'm so sad I don't have pictures! We had our first annual New Year's Family Talent Show. The kids prepared all week after Christmas to share a talent. We invited my mom and Duke over with Duke's daughter Jenna who was in town visiting! We ate yummy food and on with the show...
Jake played the guitar and sang
I rapped... because that's how I roll
Mom made an advertisement for the Bait Sandwich Shop over by Lucas
Duke told a story
Jenna recited a poem while doing some arm and shoulder contortions --Sadie attempted the same moves. :)
The kids each did a dance --Thanks, Kids Bop!-- and then they did another dance. And then they each told a story. And then I reminded them that they were only supposed to do one talent and that this couldn't last all night.
We then did some early stream poppers in the backyard to celebrate that it was midnight somewhere. The kids were put to bed while the adults played games.
It was a super fun night and a great way to ring in the new year.

 Tessa's game box! What a cool experience this was for Tessa to model for a game. It was easy, low key, and fun. Plus, she got paid in games.
Mastermind for kids.
She will also be featured on a game coming out called Topple.

Gavin started the messy journey of solids:

  Tower skills.
 SafeSplash swimming student of the month.  "Cole is always excited to come to class and willing to learn. He is enthusiastic about learning new things and even perfecting things he already knows. His cheerful attitude and fearless nature makes him a pleasure to teach." Good job, kid!
 Slushees in January? Yep.

Merry Christmas 2015

Here's Cole attending a basketball game with his daddy. Go Mustangs!
 Our ward party was based on Dr. Suess' Grinch story, so these are my Who's:

 We were handed a huge still sealed up pumpkin pie after the ward party, and since we were sweeted out, we invited the Fitzgeralds to drop off the pie to the nearest fire station for the firefighters. They were surprised, but clearly gracious, as they took the oldest kids who went on a quick tour...with mine in their pj's.
 Jake brought his trusty Tessa Elf again to play Costa Vida Santa this year. This is such a great opportunity for them both to do fun service together in the community.
 Star Wars, Star Wars, Star Wars. The force definitely awakened around here, and Dad was excited to take Tessa and Cole to see the movie after he and I had already made a night of it.
 I certainly didn't watch the movie with this much leg room, though...
 This was a gift to ourselves that we were very excited about. Our gas log. Isn't it pretty?
 We had our nativity acted out at the Fitzgeralds' on Christmas Eve with Anna as the narrator.

 Mary on the donkey? ...oh, the improvisations...
 The holy family:

 New PJ's on the night before Christmas. Here are our greatest blessings:

Merry Christmas!