Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Luby - 8 1/2 mos.

This is my Paigey Luby:

One of Our Best Purchases Ever

I'm putting this thing on my list of top five things I've ever purchased. We bought a Springfree trampoline off Craigslist at the beginning of October. Merry Christmas, kids!
Cole sometimes uses it for meditation.
 No regrets. The thing is awesome; the kids love it and are playing outside more than ever. Our backyard used to be ridiculously boring, and sending the kids out to play while I made dinner was a two minute joke. Now, though, I have to drag them inside sometimes. It's fantastic.
Popcorn and meditation?
I  have two videos with Tessa on the trampoline, but the files must be too big to upload. Boo! So, for now, it looks like Cole is the only one using the thing.

Jake and I set it up after the kids went to bed on one of those cold front blowing in and dropping the temperature 30 degrees kind of nights. It was an odd thing to put together, but we did it.
The next morning, I went out to jump on it. Jake asked the kids where I'd gone and then led them to the backyard where they saw me jumping on a trampoline. They were certainly surprised. "Is this OUR trampoline?!?"
Paige has been on it a few times with me, but for now this is how she gets her jumps on:

How I love it...

...when I find these two yahoos reading together.

It'll be even better when Paige can join them without the threat of her eating the pages --like she just did with one of Tessa's school library books.
As a side note, but still connected to the reading, I attended my first parent teacher conference as a parent last week. Tessa is doing fabulously in school. Her math scores are awesome, but her reading scores are through the roof. Best of all, her teacher, Mrs. Young, told me she's a good example to her classmates. I'm so proud of my word loving gal.

More Table Rock Lake Pictures

Thanks to Dianna and thanks to Jake and his phone, here are some more pictures from our Table Rock Lake vacation in September:
On the way to MO, we stopped at Wendy's for lunch. There were Where's Waldo glasses in the kids' meals. I had a pretty good laugh at these hams:

The rest of the pictures are probably not in exact order, but you get the point. Basically, we had a blast.