Saturday, July 23, 2016

April 2016

April Fools! My April Fools joke was on the family this year as I went around and put googly eyes on a bunch of stuff all over the house for the family to find, including in the kids' school lunches. We all had some good laughs over it. The little girls loved finding object with "googy eyes".

Cole received the R-time Award at school "For demonstrating good manners and being respectful." Woot! April is around the time where school starts to wear me out --well, making lunches and HOMEWORK time wear me out, but then I remember the awesome teachers and people they are surrounded by at school, and I'm good until June.
 He's a keeper.
 Dad on the trampoline with the imps.
 Dad at an arena football game with friends/imps.
 An imp.
Just kidding. This is a fairy drawing by Tessa. She's really very good at art and loves to draw and create. She made a three part series with different fairies and gave them away to people.
 We went out exploring at some shops in Garland one evening so I could take something back to a store. We hung out at the fountain for a bit.
 Jake and some work people not working --oh, it's John! I know him. I'm sure the others are nice too.

Paige took swim lessons in April and May. Here is my beauty:

Working with the teacher:
 Siblings in the stands:

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