Thursday, September 27, 2012

Table Rock Lake, MO

The weekend after Labor Day we took a road trip and met up with our great friends, the Jensens. We met at Table Rock Lake on the southern border of Missouri. 
When we arrived it was raining and later in the evening. We got situated in our cabin/cottage and put the kids down to bed.
The next morning, I checked out the view from the deck:
Doesn't get much better than that. The weather was perfect. The cabin was lovely. The company fantastic.
The whole weekend was relaxed fun. The area had a dock with canoes and paddle boats, a swimming pool, a playground, and a zip line.
Here is Cole trying out the zip line for the very first time. Both Tessa and Cole just went for it. I was really proud of them. 
I love that Cole's Batman cape is flapping in the breeze:
Here's a bunch more playground and zip line shots:

 Happy Budda baby squinting in the sun:

 I barely met the weight limit on the zip line, which means I barely got through the center of it without scraping my buns on the rocks.
 The kids had so much fun zip lining and couldn't stop talking about it for days.
 Cole and Peter decided to use this playhouse as a diner. So here they are making burgers and shakes:
 They are such cute buddies. Cole and Tessa were both upset when we got home because they wanted to back on vacation again. Cole had been looking forward to "vacation with Peter" for a long time, and it was over too soon.

We had a nice fire pit out back. We made Nutella s'mores. Perfect weekend.
There was also a rope swing in a big tree:

We really needed to step away and do something totally different. We came back refreshed before life sped back up again. Thanks, Jensens!

Monday, September 24, 2012

Two Minutes of Our Labor Day

I was uploading pictures of our weekend at the lake when I remembered this gem of a video. It's probably one of those videos only grandparents can appreciate. :)
This was our activity of choice on Labor Day morning before we jumped in and made the most of having Dad at home to get some work done.