Saturday, July 23, 2016

Easter 2016

We took Gramma Lori to the Arboretum Easter weekend and enjoyed the beautiful flowers and picnicking on the lawn once again.

 We met up with the Fitzgeralds at our small neighborhood park for an egg hunt before church. It was windy. And devoid of many hiding places, but our backyard was still so soggy from the spring rains, that it would have been a gross mess to do it there.
Here is the best we could do:
 Poor Sadie had fallen through the picnic table at the park onto the cement with the side of her face the Friday before. It was awful. I'm so grateful kids heal quickly because she looked like she'd been through the ringer.
 Gavin was angry in the prior pictures, and Sadie is angry in this one.
 I guess it all straightens out when the candy arrives.
 Handsome dudes.

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