Tuesday, December 31, 2013

This One

This One...
is the toddler who wears me out.
is into everything.
has a scream that could wake the dead.
gets away with more than she should.
looks deceivingly cherubic.
is a daddy's girl.
is stubborn.
loves her blankets.
knows what she wants.
loves her thumb.
loves jackets and shoes.
loves toothbrushes.
has an awesome laugh.
is a tease.
gives hugs and kisses sparingly, but gives them fully.
is a natural nurturer.
prefers being outside.
is putting simple sentences together.
has an adventurous spirit.
has a great sense of humor.
makes a sad face that can break your heart.
loves her sisters and brother.
has an all powerful dimple.
Soon after this one was born, I remember saying that if all my babies were like her, and I didn't have to go through all the pregnancies, I'd have ten more babies. She may have been an easy baby, but she's been the toddler to keep me most on my toes. Nice or naughty, intense or chill, she's got the cute factor going for her. She's coming up on two years old, and I can't imagine life without her.
I love you, Lou.

Tessa's 7th Birthday!

Tessa is seven! I sometimes feel that she may as well be five years older than that for all I put on her.
This was not a friend birthday party year (phew!), so instead we grabbed her Anna and went to La Madeleine for dinner. She got to pick out her own fancy slice of cake (again, phew! She wasn't sad I didn't bake a full one!) and she sat and visited with her friend all through dinner.
Here she is opening some of her presents from parents and grandparents:

These have been fun:
 Equestria girls are apparently the thing to have...

She's really fun to shop for because she loves so many things and is a grateful girl.
I try not to take our Tessa for granted. She is an exceptionally creative and kind child. I learn a lot from her. I also think I may be getting back some of what I gave to my mom when I was little when she starts in on how things should be done. There you go, Mom! :)

Monday, December 30, 2013

Thanksgiving 2013

Dad and Sandy joined us for Thanksgiving this year. Hooray! We had such a nice and relaxed time with them and were especially grateful to have them with us. We had a very traditional Thanksgiving meal. Here is our lovely table, complete with a sad Cole who is not getting his way:

 Here is our camera on a timer with quick photos in succession. I'm posting them all because I think I'm hilarious.

 My smizing skills are undeniable.
 Hanging out:
 Grandma and Sadie as cuddle buddies:
 He's a funny kid:
 Sandy wanted to get a family picture of us. What a joke. I couldn't stop laughing. Cole wouldn't take off his helmet or smile. Paige's jammie pants are falling off, and really none of the kids were having it.

Happy Thanksgiving to all! We love pie!

Siblings: November 2013

Siblings who eat candy together are quiet and happy for a little while. I could stitch a pillow.

Cole had a Pilgrim hat and a Native American feather band from preschool. He wore each of them for several meals. I love it.
The littlest one:


November 15, 2013

Sadie's Baby Blessing

We blessed Sadie in our ward on the first Sunday in November and were so happy to have Jake's parents with us. It was a crazy weekend with Halloween, Jake's birthday, and the blessing, but certainly fun to celebrate it all with family.
I got home from meetings to run around and help gather everyone for a quick picture before church. I also had to teach in Relief Society (our women's class) that day, so I may have had high blood pressure from everything going on!
Sun spottled:
 The babies:

 Grandpa and Grandma with Sadie:
 Forced smiles from Mom and Dad while trying to get all of our children to look the same direction and appear relatively normal...
 Cole wasn't having it. That was the best we could do out of all the WWF style poses he was armed with. You can also see part of a styrofoam cup in Tessa's hands that she was apparently ripping up to throw in the air as confetti. Good grief. These weirdos tire me out, and I love them to the moon and back.
The baby blessing was lovely, and we had a nice quiet dinner at home that evening to close out a pretty great weekend.

Halloween 2013: Who Ya Gonna Call?

I really love Halloween. And I love thematic family costumes. And I have good sports in my family.
We went with a Ghostbusters theme this year. It turns out we may be bigger fans of the movie (and 80's pop culture) than some, but we put together some Comic Con worthy costumes and had a great time.
Jake's parents were with us for the weekend for Sadie's blessing, so it was fun to be with them (and get some last minute help pulling everything/one together).
Here we are at the church Trunk or Treat:
 If you can't tell or don't know, we have: The Keymaster and the Gatekeeper (AKA "There is no Dana, only Zuul" and Vince Clortho --aka the Sigourney Weaver and Rick Moranis characters), a ghostbuster (probably Vankman), Slimer, Gozer the Gozerian, and the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man (both from the end of the movie).

 He's the best.
"Yes. Have some."
 Honestly, this girl is trooper of the year. What other almost seven year old would get excited about being a very random creepy ghost lady thing from a popular 80's movie? She practiced her hiss for days. I wonder what her teacher thought when she asked Tessa what she was going to be for Halloween, and she answered excitedly, "Gozer the Gozerian!" I love this girl. All bubbly and otherworldly...
 That proton pack looks as big as he is. His belt slid down around his knees! Skinny kid problems.
 My wig. It certainly tied the costume together. Thank you for your big curly 80's fro, Sigourney Weaver.
 The cutest Stay Puft Marshmallow girl on the planet. I was rather proud of this costume. The hat took some ingenuity, of which I had a shred left, thankfully.
 Slobbering Slimer. I snuggled her with a green blanket as we walked around the ward Trunk or Treat and she was fast asleep.

Monday, December 16, 2013

September/October 2013

Princess Paige:
 Sadie Baby:
 The Insanity Totem:

 Kisses. Must smother baby cheeks with kisses...
 She looks just like her daddy...

 She looked stunned every time she's been alert (before the smiles came along). It's pretty funny. It makes me think she is wondering how in the world she's supposed to put up with us.

 Camera shy?
 She is "jumping".
 Again, the stunned face. Can't say I blame her.

 Jack o lantern boy and quesadilla: