Monday, July 6, 2015

Splash! - Feb. 28, 2015

Jake was upstairs one night helping to get a couple of kids bathed. He was back and forth between rooms when he heard a splash and a yell from Cole's bath. I heard a panicked holler from Jake when he made the discovery, so I ran up the stairs when he hurriedly called for me. I got to the bathroom and started laughing when I saw that Sadie wanted to play and had taken matters into her own hands. Jake's face melted into laughter as well, and he took pictures of these silly geese.

 My favorite:

SNOW! February 2015

The end of February presented us with a couple of snow days. We've got coats, but we certainly aren't outfitted for more than a couple of days of snow or ice around here, so I made some Texas "snow boots" with Walmart bags (so classy) so the kids could keep the wetness at bay and play for a little while without freezing their toes off.

Happy 3rd Birthday, GiGi!

Paige turned three on February 2, 2015. She is our sassy girl. I'd like to think that this sass will focus itself in perseverance and determination to get good things done in life. Because really, this is Paige's world, and we're all just guests here. She's made it apparent. There will be no middle child syndrome with this one!
She is my beautiful blondie and I love this girl fiercely:

 Happy birthday, GiGi!
She might favor the McBride side, but she's still got the Rich crack going on.
 Her lovely birthday "cake":

Use the Force - January 2015

Sadie the comedienne:

 Paigey darling:
 I finally finished my project of getting Sadie's quilt from Gma McB up on the wall:
 Must be watching something good?