Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Happy 4th Birthday, Paige!

My Groundhog's Day baby.
The Butchers (well, three of them) came to say hi one evening. It was Barbara's birthday and Paige's! Barbara shared her awesome hat, and we had FHE together. With birthdays during the week, we often drag out the birthday celebration over a few days so we can give it the attention it deserves and not let it get covered up by our other time takers that keep us running.

Paige also had a pizza birthday lunch party with Emmeline and Spencer. They enjoyed a tea party with siblings as well and had a grand time playing.

 Siblings enjoying one of sister's birthday presents.

 We also had Grandma and Papa over along with Dee and her family for cupcakes that evening. I must say that this frosting was the best I have ever made. Paige wanted pink cupcakes. That I can deliver.

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