Monday, March 1, 2010


Unseasonably cold here? Yes. We had a huge snow storm a couple weeks ago. This was already more snow than I'd seen combined in my time here. I felt like I was driving in Salt Lake again as I was running errands with the kids. I found myself grumbling about the stupid cold snow when I finally realized that no one was commiserating with me. I looked at Tessa in the rearview mirror and noticed how she was was taking in the scenery with wide eyes. She was excited. She wanted to play. Just because I grew up with it and have had my fill, doesn't mean my kids have. I have to remember that. It really was beautiful; plus, it wasn't sticking to the roads. That's always good. Tessa talked about her plans to make a ball when we got home.
Her bare hands scooping and chucking. What a happy kid.
Cole didn't mind being a target....behind the door.

It kept snowing. And snowing. And snowing. This is what the same tree from above looked like the next day:
Snow day! Jake even got the day off. Happy man. It did mean, however, that my dad and Sandy's flight was delayed. Last year their flight delay was because I booked the wrong month. This year, it was Mother Nature's fault.
We were bummed that we had to wait a couple more days for Grandma and Grandpa, but this dad and daughter made the most out of it. Snow man! (And not one that is only 5 inches tall!)
I loved that there were snowmen everywhere we went. Frozen sentinels throughout neighborhoods. In Utah, your snowman usually lasts only about a day --until some jerk kid slams into it on the way to or from school. Here, because it's such an unusual sight, there seemed to be respect for the snowmen. The sun was their eventual demise.
My snow angel. Can you believe I let her out in that in only tennis shoes, especially since she had a little cough and a runny nose?
Me neither. ....she got the croup that night.

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Jen said...

cold but fun pictures! I love the one with Cole kicking back in the heat with snowballs on the window -- fun ;)

Marilyn said...

Ah yes, another ex-Utahn slams the beehive state. I'll have you know that the snowman I built with my grandkids in January died of natural causes. His nose, buttons, eyes, and scarf are still out there. JK. Ha Ha. Your snowman's hat is way cooler than my snowman's hat.

aaron and allee said...

Wow, Maren! I had no idea you had had that sort of weather. The snowman is huge! It is always fun to experience things through the eyes of your kids, but I do hope that we do not have any more snow here this season - how I long for spring!

Melissa said...

Oh my cuteness! How great is that snow man! I am glad Tessa will have snow memories. Gabe still asks where Tessa is every time we find a little hair band. "Tessa... YES!?" We will have to do another continuing ed there SOON!

djensen said...

I think it is crazy that you all got more snow than us! But I am sure the kiddos loved it even if you didn't!

Kelley Rae said...

I'm glad someone is enjoying it ;)

Maren said...

Marilyn- I asked Jake about his snowmen getting knocked down by other kids when he was growing up. He said it didn't happen in his neighborhood. So, apparently it was a West Valley thing. Knocking down snowmen and stealing Easter lawn ornaments. Good times on the West side.