Wednesday, March 3, 2010


I believe this hat might be number 212 in my dad's collection....

We love visitors. Nothing is better than doting grandparents, right? My dad and stepmom, after a two day snow delay, came to spend some time with us. We celebrated Valentine's Day together, and even a birthday, Christmas, and Easter in a way.
The kids were sick during this visit, but Gma and Gpa were patient with our inability to roam. And Gpa was patient with Tessa's sassy sick attitude. We still got some fun action in --including putting in some extra shelving (Yes. This was fun for me.), 75 cent movies, Olympics, and just plain catching up.
We made our own heart shaped pizzas for the Valentine dinner. We also had our fill of heart shaped Jello jigglers. What? My father feeding Cole Jello jigglers? .....Are you really surprised? Didn't think so.
These two get so busy back home. We were grateful they were able to come down and hang out with us.


rosebud said...

I am so jealous. Although David's dad has come a couple of times, my mom doesn't more than 10 miles in any direction from her home (I am thankful for a husband who generously sends us there as much as possible!) :)

Kerianne said...

They had good stories to tell! Can't wait to introduce Mason to Cole! It'll be fun times with the boys!