Monday, March 29, 2010

Beware the Becave!

The kids and I ran over to the mall today. Like with most errands, I took longer than I'd meant to. So, since Tessa hadn't had lunch and had been repeatedly complimented for being so well behaved, I decided that she deserved a Mickey D's cheeseburger --a favorite of hers. A trip through the drive-thru, and we were on our way home. One snag: they put onions on the burger. I always order them sans onions, but they must not have heard me, or they forgot. It happens. So, when we got home, I did my best to scrape off all the onions. However, the burger was already starting to look diseased because of her digging onions out of it while in the car. When she sat down at the kitchen table, the mutilation continued. I had to get baby brother fed and put down for a nap, so I took off to Cole's room for a bit.
During that time, some serious screams of horror came from the kitchen after I didn't answer the incessant calls for me. I didn't worry too much since these same squeals come from seeing dark threads on her clothes or a hair in the bathtub (all bugs coming after her), plus, she knew where I was. She peeked around the corner to Cole's room to see me put my fingers to my lips to shush her. The baby's got to sleep, hermana! She crumpled onto her knees to cry and then ran off.
Baby down.
The search for Tessa commences.
She's trying to hid under my bed. "Go. Eat. Your cheeseburger!" (I never thought I'd have that demand escape my lips.)
She starts crying about the "becave".
"What are you talking about?"
"The science kid! Becave, Mom. Becave. On the science kid!"
She's having a breakdown the closer we get to the pile of cheeseburger. Finally, I stop to sit with her on the floor to find out what she's talking about. "Okay. Stop crying. Let's use your words."
"Becave, mom. On the science kid. Look at it! It's brown"
"Um. Meat is brown." It takes me a little while..... Decay.
She's afraid that her cheeseburger is decaying and I'm forcing her to eat it. Doesn't she know that it's a Mickey D's cheeseburger and could take weeks to decay? ;)
I walked over to the "decaying" burger with her, and we had a chat about why it looked the way it did. I salvaged some of it and she let me feed it to her. She wasn't about to touch it with her own hands. But she ate it. The terror inducing treat for being good.
McDonald's, I said NO onions.
Sid, WHAT illustrations are you using on your show?


Kelly said...

Poor Tessa, do you think she will ever eat a cheeseburger again? You just have to make sure you don't look too close at the food you purchase at fast food places, it could scare anyone.

Ranell and Brandon said...

Haha! She is too funny. I am actually shocked that she even ate it!!!

rosebud said...

I can SO relate with shrieks from dark threats or hair in the tub (my favorite was floating toe lint).

The Farrell Family said...

I wouldn't want to eat a becaving cheeseburger either. Too funny.

PixieGirl said...

We are Sid fans at our house too and I've seen the episode. I would have to side with Tessa, most things from McDonalds to look a bit decayed...hehe! H

Kelley Rae said...

So funny! I love that show, except for the completely unrealistic idea of a class with only 4 kids learning concepts way above what they would normally be taught. One could only dream Ü