Friday, March 12, 2010

When Mama came

My mother joined us for the last week in February. We had such a nice time with her. We surprised her by taking off in the middle of the week to spend the night at Great Wolf Lodge in Grapevine. (Love those middle of winter discounts!) What a fun place. We had a fantastic time, and it was just nice to mix it up and get a change of scenery after the kids had been so sick. Cole was still having a little bit of a rough time, but the indoor water park humid air was actually on the helpful side.
Here is Tessa's wolf impersonation:
Tessa LOVED this place. She was not happy when we finally had to go after the second day of swimming.
Grandma was so nice to hang out with the kids so Jake and I could take off for a little bit and go on the bigger water slides. I love water slides. There was one, however, that I did not love.
Here's the big wave pool:

Besides GWL, we just took it easy at home. Grandma got to see Tessa at her dance class, we had a great visit with the Morris', we had Wii Just Dance battles, movie night, girls' night with Tessa so Jake and I could go to the seminary teacher and wife fireside, etc. Her trip was over before we knew it.

Love you, Mom.


djensen said...

Cole is getting SO big! He looks more like you everyday Maren. I bet teh kiddos had a great time, we need to take Peter back to the pool last time he lasted about 3 minutes before his lips started turning blue...but he loved it!

Kelley Rae said...

That Tessa is so stinkin cute!! Aren't indoor water parks the best?! Love em!

The Egans said...

What a fun time! I want to go to an indoor water park!!! Cute, cute kids and a cute mom!