Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Lawton is OK by me.

Good friends of ours from our Salt Lake days have ended up in Oklahoma. Yay! That's a manageable visit! We took off last weekend to go see them for a long needed change of scenery.
We left on Friday evening. Is this a tangent story? Yes. I'm VERY good at those. It was dark, we were somewhere near the northern Texas border, and we needed gasoline. We pulled into a gas station so the gals could use the restroom and Jake could fillerup. No gas. A gas station out of gas. So, we went along to the next one. A couple of the pumps were covered up, and I began to believe I was in the middle of a horror movie. No offense, small town Texas, but something about you creeped me out.....and then a chance of being stranded.... One of the papers over the pump read, "Regular Don't Work". I had a good laugh and wished we would have taken a picture, but remembered we seriously needed fuel. Tessa kept informing us that we were lost. Don't worry. The next gas station had some, and we safely arrived at our destination. There's your anticlimactic story for the day.
Okay, so, back to our trip:
On Saturday morning we went driving around on a nearby wildlife preserve to see buffalo, Texas longhorn cattle, and the lakes and mountains. Prairie dogs were also on the agenda.
Here is Gabe trying to coerce one back out of his hole. No idea why this approach didn't work. :)
We drove through a town called Medicine Park. Weeeeeeird. Any place settle by hippies is going to have, ahem, ....personality. I loved it. It needs a blog post all on its own. (Next time, Melissa, next time.)
We drove over to Meers, OK to a very famous burger joint. We were warned about the "ambiance" ahead of time, but a place doesn't stay open for a hundred years unless the food is worthy of it, even if the dog and cat kennels are what greet you on the way into a place. (Leaving your pets in the car while you eat = not an option!) The place raises their own Longhorn beef, and it has had the same owner for about 50+ years. I believe that owner started decorating/leaving garage sale purchases around when he moved in and has never stopped. Featured below would be the "Seismic Buger". One pound of meat. Yes, we shared with spouses, and yes, we still packed away a half a pound of hamburger apeice. Yum.
This is the inviting entryway to the restaurant:
And then in the next picture, behind us the stairs lead up to the cashier. Past that is where the actual eating takes place.
We had such a great and fun weekend. Good company is the best.


Cheryl Winkel said...

For the life of me, I just can't imagine why the prairie dog didn't want to come out. Gabe was all ready to play fetch, wasn't he?

Melissa said...

Oh the FUN! We will come see you guys soon. maybe after our cruise... :)

Ranell and Brandon said...

oooh yum! That hamburger looks yummy, and the kids are as cute as ever! Oh ya, thank you so much for the little swaddling blanket. I love it and I am sure it will be great for the summer weather!