Thursday, April 1, 2010

I think I'll keep them around

because their little faces make me so happy.

Tessa loves taking pictures. Here is a picture showcasing her mad photography skills:
Who needs toys when you have a plastic hanger? He had a serious death grip on that thing. Sidenote: We are still waiting to see what color this kid's eyes going to be. We originally thought they might stay blue, but some brown has creeped in around the pupil. I thought Tessa's would stay hazel like mine, but they are now a chocolate brown. My dad's genes don't mess around.

Swim class. She loves it. She especially loves sitting on the steps and gabbing to the female assistant and Anna while the two boys in the class splash all over the place.

Oh, how I love these beans of ours!


Krista said...

They are super sweet! How is Cole's weight gaining going?

djensen said...

Adorable! What cuties! Give them smooches for us!

Talbot Family said...

I am thinking Cole may have some Rich in him. I stand by the fact that Tessa is 100% McBride. Darling little nuggets!

Jen said...

definitely keepers!

Lori said...

Cute little sweethearts! Your eyes did the same thing Cole's are doing.
There was a possibility of your eyes being blue almost until your first birthday, then they went hazel. My bet is his will be the same.

Kelley Rae said...

Don't you love the things they decide to play with? Socks, hangers, Marley's other favorite is water bottles. Why exactly do I bother buying actual toys?!