Tuesday, December 31, 2013

This One

This One...
is the toddler who wears me out.
is into everything.
has a scream that could wake the dead.
gets away with more than she should.
looks deceivingly cherubic.
is a daddy's girl.
is stubborn.
loves her blankets.
knows what she wants.
loves her thumb.
loves jackets and shoes.
loves toothbrushes.
has an awesome laugh.
is a tease.
gives hugs and kisses sparingly, but gives them fully.
is a natural nurturer.
prefers being outside.
is putting simple sentences together.
has an adventurous spirit.
has a great sense of humor.
makes a sad face that can break your heart.
loves her sisters and brother.
has an all powerful dimple.
Soon after this one was born, I remember saying that if all my babies were like her, and I didn't have to go through all the pregnancies, I'd have ten more babies. She may have been an easy baby, but she's been the toddler to keep me most on my toes. Nice or naughty, intense or chill, she's got the cute factor going for her. She's coming up on two years old, and I can't imagine life without her.
I love you, Lou.


Jen said...

so sweet ;) she'll love this!

Lori said...

She does have the cute factor going for her! Loved how you described her so perfectly. Paigey is so adorable, love that little cherub <3