Monday, December 16, 2013

September/October 2013

Princess Paige:
 Sadie Baby:
 The Insanity Totem:

 Kisses. Must smother baby cheeks with kisses...
 She looks just like her daddy...

 She looked stunned every time she's been alert (before the smiles came along). It's pretty funny. It makes me think she is wondering how in the world she's supposed to put up with us.

 Camera shy?
 She is "jumping".
 Again, the stunned face. Can't say I blame her.

 Jack o lantern boy and quesadilla:


Lori said...

Oh my gosh how cute, love the pictures, still laughing about the stunned face :). I remember when I visited, though, she was the most content when surrounded by the family.

Jen said...

ah! they are getting so big and I haven't even met two of them - this summer! they are beautiful~ love it