Monday, December 30, 2013

Sadie's Baby Blessing

We blessed Sadie in our ward on the first Sunday in November and were so happy to have Jake's parents with us. It was a crazy weekend with Halloween, Jake's birthday, and the blessing, but certainly fun to celebrate it all with family.
I got home from meetings to run around and help gather everyone for a quick picture before church. I also had to teach in Relief Society (our women's class) that day, so I may have had high blood pressure from everything going on!
Sun spottled:
 The babies:

 Grandpa and Grandma with Sadie:
 Forced smiles from Mom and Dad while trying to get all of our children to look the same direction and appear relatively normal...
 Cole wasn't having it. That was the best we could do out of all the WWF style poses he was armed with. You can also see part of a styrofoam cup in Tessa's hands that she was apparently ripping up to throw in the air as confetti. Good grief. These weirdos tire me out, and I love them to the moon and back.
The baby blessing was lovely, and we had a nice quiet dinner at home that evening to close out a pretty great weekend.

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Lori said...

What a sweet day! Sadie looks precious, love the family photos and those funny kids :)