Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Christmas Festivities 2013

Our church's family Christmas party was "A Night in Bethlehem" theme. We had a really nice time up until Sadie started wailing uncontrollably during the Nativity at the end and we had to book it out of there. The auxiliaries had different activities going on in the classrooms to fit the theme. Cole really took to the dreidel game and was proud of his new found spinning abilities. Many people dressed up, and many families brought blankets to sit on the floor for the you can see.
 The committee did a great job setting up and decorating, but you certainly can't tell much of anything from the few pictures I quickly snapped.
I was comfortable in my bathrobe and baby blanket costume, and I kept laughing that I put my Snuggie on Jake as a robe for his. What a sport. Who knew the Snuggie was so versatile?!

 Christmas church clothes from Grammy! They looked so smart in their plaid. Cole is a spaz and clearly loves the camera. Note that any surviving ornaments on our tree made it to the top third of the tree thanks to Paige the Destroyer.
 We got together with our good friends and did the Nativity like we always do. Cole was Joseph last year, and I was reminded that he suddenly did a robot dance at the manger.
This year, he was upset because he wanted to hide underneath the manger, and then he wanted to be baby Jesus. Here he is deciding he is pregnant:
 Here he is mad because no one wants him under or on top of the manger.
 Here is the angel yelling good tidings of great joy!
 Here is Emmeline the Wiseman in her bustier.
We had such a lovely time with our family once removed. :) We are lucky to have them around.