Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Utah Trip 2013: part 3

It was time to move from Jake's parents to my dad and stepmom's house for a couple of days. 
The kids were able to play in the kid pool for hours and never tired of it -mix that with The Rescuers in the home theater and the ever fun toy room, and our kids didn't even mind if we were around...
We had a great visit with Camille and Brandon and their families one night and then with my siblings and their families the next. We were also able to get a nice visit in with my paternal grandparents.
Here is Paige and I relaxing on the swing. I am looking large and in charge and am sadly suddenly very aware of pregnancy picture angles...
 Emily, Andrew, Bree, Tessa, and Cole:

 We put Paige in the pool, and she just wasn't having it.

 The next day when JoJo came over!
 Yeah. They're cute.

 Paige FINALLY figured it was okay to be in the water with her daddy if Jolyn was there with hers.

 The cousins on my side:
Cole, Kaeley, Dallen, Paige, Tessa, Breanna, and Jolynn. (We were so sad to miss Breckin, who was in SD with his dad.)

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