Friday, July 12, 2013

Tessa's Kindergarten Graduation

I was glad I put fluffy white flowers in Tessa's hair for her last day of kindergarten. It made it that much easier to pick her out of the crowd!

 She's cute.

 Blanca, Ellie, Saneen, and Tessa ...with Sarah in the back.
 Paige chillin' during the class party.
 I love this picture. You can see how Tessa's teacher felt about her from this one image. We were so grateful for a fabulous teacher like Mrs. Young.
 Natalie, Isabella, and Tessa. ...with Anaya the blonde turned around and Jayshawn with the teacher. Tessa became great friends with Isabella, who is about as sweet as a kid can get.
Afterwards, we left to get ice cream at Dairy Queen as a family before Jake had to get to work.
Congratulations, Tessa! Onward, ever onward --to first grade.

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