Monday, July 29, 2013

The Beehive State

June/July trip
We arrived in Utah without much of a problem --yay! The kids are turning out to be excellent travelers, for which I am very thankful. We first stayed with the McBrides. While there, Jake and I made lunch dates with friends and left the kids with Grandma and Grandpa --strange for us. 
I met Krista and Bethany for lunch and had such a wonderful time with them. These are beautiful women who I am so fortunate to have been friends with for so long. 

 Later that same day we went to see Grandpa McCune. Paige loved his dog Bentley, but Cole wasn't as big a fan.
 Here we are with Grandpa. He was recently diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and has been doing well so far. Knowing that this would probably be the last time we would see him, we were so thankful to have a great visit. Jake was able to go back a couple of days later to visit on his own. Grandpa McCune turned 94 years old this month.
What an amazing man.

 That night we went to see Kanon and Joseph in the Lehi parade. Go jazz band! Go parades that throw candy! We spent a little bit of time at Kelly and Nate's house later having Creamies. It was a full and fun day.

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