Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Happy Independence Day! 2013

Next on our trip, we headed to Idaho to see my mom and step dad. Mom had a fun BBQ on the 3rd planned with everyone, and I was grateful that Mandy and her kids and Jon and Chelsy with Jolynn could be there. Grandma and Grandpa D. even joined us for dinner.
After the kids sprayed each other soundly with the squirt bottles mom gave them, it was time to toss some water balloons. I did not win and beamed Jon and Chelsy's dog at some point. Typical. Breanna got a balloon right in the face, and, I must say, I was impressed that she laughed it off. Not every 14 year old would think that was funny!

Sparklers in the front:

Jon and Chelsy had to drive to SD the next morning for a funeral, so Jolynn stayed at Grandma Lori's with us. Although the circumstances were not ideal, we were very happy to spend more time with her.
Bath time!

Cole found an old bow in Mom's backyard and wanted to shoot bows and arrows. Jake and I went to King's and picked up a kid sized one for Cole and Tessa to play.
Papa Duke spent some time with Cole teaching him how to load and shoot the arrows. It was really sweet to watch them having such a good time together. And Cole got pretty good with that thing!

Tessa and JoJo:
The Fourth of July!
Brigham City fireworks.
I love this picture of Paige. It looks like she is high fiving the world.
The family:
Mom/Grandma, Jolynn, and Mandy:
Mandy's kids had to be with their dad for the fourth, but we were still lucky enough to be with Mandy.
Hanging out:

Breakfast the next morning:

Visiting at Great Grandma and Great Grandpa D's house! Tessa and Cole saw the watering cans and went right to work making sure the flowers got watered. Grandma D. couldn't get over how cute these good workers were:

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