Thursday, April 11, 2013

Spring Pictures

We usually get a semi nice fall pictures taken of the kids or a family picture... or something. But we didn't this last fall. We didn't have a year photo taken of Paige, and guilt was setting in. So, when the kids got their Easter clothes, we took them out that Saturday afternoon and had fun taking photos. Getting all three kids to hold still and smile for the camera is a joke. I caught on to that pretty quickly and had a good laugh over all the ridiculous photos I snapped (and deleted) of Tessa crying over mud on her shoes, Cole escaping to run and get more mud on him, and Paige who seemed to be above it all and done with the whole process. Bless Jake for the intense effort he put in to trying to get all kids to at least look toward the camera. Thank heaven for the sports setting on the camera!
Even though it was cloudy, we were dealing with a case of the squints in some pictures, but, frankly, we don't have the energy to do this again soon! :)
Here is a huge slew of pictures that I narrowed down as my favorites. I think I'll print a few. It's time to change out the hallway pictures.

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The Egans said...

Such cute kids! Cole looks just like you!