Thursday, April 11, 2013

Come on now, Jump!

The kids think it's the absolute best when Jake or I get on the trampoline and jump with them. Cole asked me if I would, and I went for it with my beginning of the new baby weight flop. He was thrilled. It's hard not to bounce him into the atmosphere because he's such a lightweight.
 The giggle coming from outside were infectious on this one:
 That evening, after we put Paige down, both Jake and I got on the trampoline with Tessa and Cole played "Dead Girl" (who came up with that game??) and put on a family circus. We all had a really good laugh at each other. Then we lounged and watched the stars come out. It was one of those really sweet times that I treasure.
Something else I treasure:
This photo. It was super cold on this morning, but Cole is going to do what Cole is going to do. I didn't have much of a reason to say no. He had the best maniacal laugh to go with his ensemble. He's such a funny kid.

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