Friday, May 3, 2013

Cousins Come to Play!

First off, Jake's sister and family come to visit and the cattle in the cold is the ONLY time I pull out my camera? What is wrong with me?! Most of the pictures had to be deleted since I only got the back of heads. Good grief.
The best part, though, is that they came! Nathan, Kelly, Kanon, Joseph, Adam, Ian, and Grace --all under our roof for a few days in April. We were so happy to have them. 
Ft. Worth Zoo was one of our major destinations (great time), and we and showed them around some other places, but really the company was the most fun. 

 The last day and a half of having these awesome people with us, our family was brutally struck down with the stomach flu. Holy cow, that was awful. Really awful. It kicked us in the face for quite a few days. I'm so thankful that it stayed in our immediate family. It limited us on how we could spend our last bit of time with our extended family, but you do what you can do.
Jake and I commented after they left that seven extra people should have felt more crowded than it did in our house, but it was really just a pleasure.
Love them to bits:
My kids are still intensely missing them a month later.
Hooray, hooray that we'll see you in the summer!

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