Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Gramma Lori!

My mama had a break from school near the beginning of March and was able to come and spend some time with us. Hooray! 
Jake happened to have business in San Antonio that week, and, at his urging, we decided to make it a quick road trip and accompany him. I'm so glad we did. We had a lovely time.
Here is Grams with the kids in the hotel room before our morning Riverwalk stroll:
After Jake got back from work in the later afternoon, we took off for the Alamo. We add a kid every time we come here. 

Cole is shouting "Remember the Alamo!" at the top of his lungs:

The phrase turned into an unintelligible mess after a few hollers, but I think he thought that was even better. I also think bystanders thought our kid had clear issues.
We went back down a portion of the Riverwalk, and Cole asked Tessa to hold his hand. That's pretty sweet.
 The Japanese sunken garden.
 This place is just cool. It was still coming out of winter enough that not everything is growing or green, but it was still really pretty.

 Up, up, and away!
Nice poses.

As Cole tried to feed the Koi leaves, Gramma taught Tessa the ever disgusting lesson that if you spit into the water, the fish will aggressively go after it. Both absolutely disgusting and fascinating. I remember my parents showing me this at Lagoon when I was small with the nasty fish there. Luckily Tessa and my mom kept it to a minimum, because seriously, that's gross.
 We stopped for dinner at a place called Good Time Charlie's. Can't go wrong with a name like that, right?

 The next morning we checked out a couple of missions.

I'm a little uncomfortable with my kids posing in an oven... Hansel and Gretel!

 Those missions are packed with history and all around very cool to visit.
When we pulled up at home, Cole sobbed because he wanted to go back to the hotel. They DID serve nice breakfasts, so I can understand the disappointment. :)
Later in the visit, we took Grandma to the Perot Museum. She thought it was as awesome as we do.

 We had a great time with my mom zipping around, but also looking for houses and relaxing. She came with me to my first OB appointment where we both heard the baby's heartbeat for the first time. I was rounding out the end of my first trimester constant nausea and am grateful she gracefully put up with the snark and impatience that I'm terrible about letting creep in during that time, like when I wanted to hurt the dude at one of the missions for telling me what to do -the obvious.
Can't wait to see more of you, Grandma Lori!

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The Egans said...

So fun Maren! Those pictures are familiar...we've been there before! We went while visiting Christian's sister who lives in Beorne. Cute, cute kids you have!!! And, your mom does not age! She looks exactly the same as when we were teenagers!