Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Happy 1st Birthday, Paige!

On February 2nd, our Paigey Lou turned one! We had our good friends, the Fitgeralds, over to celebrate her birthday. We had an easy dinner and moved on to chocolate cake for Paige and banana splits for everyone else.
She was actually pretty tentative with the cake. I think since it wasn't in obvious pieces, she wasn't sure where to start.

We not only had our friends there, but we had the ipad with Jake's parents on Facetime and then my mom on Facetime watching as well. It was pretty funny to feel like grandparents were "there" and a bit trippy to hear their voices on our birthday singing video.

Once she got a fork, she warmed up to picking it apart. She also decided at some point to pick up the plate and put it on her head. The chocolate cake was so sticky gooey that it stayed on the plate, but it managed to decorate her hair.

 After a quick bath, we quickly opened presents with the tired girl and sent her to bed.

 What would we do without our squishy Paige? We love her so much and are having a ton of fun  watching facets of her personality become apparent.
Happy Birthday, my Sweet P.

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