Sunday, October 7, 2007

Fort Worth Stockyards

My dad came into town on Thursday, so we decided to make a trip to see the stockyards the next day. We made sure to catch the cattle drive (which only consisted of about 10 cattle). I don't know if I'd ever seen longhorn cattle in the flesh, so I was pretty impressed with those massive horns. We went through some of the shops with Texas garb a plenty. We didn't have time to go through the cowboy hall of fame or Billy Bob's, so I'm determined to get back and see it all someday. Plus, I might have the nerve at that point to try a buffalo burger. (Seriously?)
Other than our visit to Fort Worth, we had some Texas barbeque, Jake and Dad went bass fishing at Lake Fork on Saturday, and, of course, we enjoyed conference. We also had a sudden visit from Jake's friend and his wife because they just adopted an adorable baby boy in Fort Worth and are ready to go back to Boise for their new baby adventures. Congratulations, Johnson family!!!
On a crappy note, my eyes are still red and icky. I'll be thankful that I don't look like Quasimodo anymore with a swollen left eye, but whatever is going on still isn't finished and has decided to invade my right eye too. It's getting better, and I'm sure it'll move on before long.
It's October everyone! Oh, how I love Halloween. Poor Jake has had to hear about what costume I'm going to put him in for about 6 months now. What a trooper.
Man, I love that little girl!


rosebud said...

OK! Cute blog!! I'll check it often to keep an eye on that cute little girlie!!

Heather said...

I love it. This is my new passion.
I think I am actually learning how to use my computer without my kid.
You would love buffalo burger. They are really very good. (My Dad is a big hunter and has shared with us)

allee said...

Oh, I am so glad that you blog! I have missed you and now I get to log on and see you and your cute family. Can't wait to see Halloween pictures! Love ya!