Sunday, October 14, 2007

Tessa's Toes and Texas Spiders

By Jake

Another week and another update. Tessa becomes cuter with every passing day. Her on-command performances of "Popcorn Popping" are a thrill to behold. And nothing beats the wrinkled-nose-two-tooth smile that dad gets when he arrives home from school.

Mom managed to keep her occupied long enough to paint her toes this week. Needless to say her tinted toes garnished rave reviews.
In other news, Ralph headed out on Monday. It is always nice to have family come to visit and he of course couldn't get enough of his granddaughter. Tuesday through Thursday we had Chelsea and little Alex Johnson with us. They were the perfect guests and we were happy to have the company.

On Wednesday I had an interview with the Dallas field office of the Anti-trust division of the Department of Justice for an internship in the second half of the summer next year. That would be an excellent experience and a great connection to make with the DOJ. They will let us know before Thanksgiving.
Friday night Maren cut my hair (and did a fine job, I might add). After the cut I took the hair-covered smock outside to shake it off and almost walked right into a giant spider web on our back porch with a big-ol' Texas spider hanging out right in the middle. While it is hard to tell in the picture, with legs and all he was about the size of a silver-dollar. Maren wouldn't go near it, nor would she try and catch the gecko in our garage so that we could pit the two against each other. So I had to kill it.

Until next week...


Mary said...

Yikes! That is a HUGE spider. I don't like spiders. Matt found a black widow in our garage. He killed it, and I still won't go see it. I do love Tessa's toes, how fun! Have a great week everyone, wish we could all come down with Matt.

Maren said...

Does he have the spider on display somewhere!?!

Ally Brown said...

Holy stinkin' spider! Gross. Getting shivers just thinking about that thing.