Thursday, October 18, 2007

Don't You Know...

So. Every now and then for the past week I've been getting on here to see what else I can figure out. I've seen some really fun things on some friend's blogs. However, it turns out I'm as adept at this as I thought I would be, but I'm trying, people. Posting videos seems easy enough, so that's my first new trick. This is Tessa explaining how she feels about something very important. Cheerios maybe? Why she feels so drawn to eat paper? How much happier life would be if I would just let her pull all the books off the shelves?
If you're looking for substance in the rest of this post, good luck.
In other, very exciting, news... The weather has been lovely! We have butterflies regularly stopping by. Today is a play in the park day.
Jake was offered an internship for half the summer with the Anti-trust division of the DOJ. He's excited. I'm excited for him because he now has an ideal summer of internships. This will really help him figure out which direction he wants to go after graduation. That seems so far away, but it'll be here before we know it.
Tessa has a weird looking bite thing on her hand. My fault for letting her play in the grass? Probably. I have no clue what it is. It looks like a pimple or something, but she hasn't complained about it. I tried Neosporine and a Bandaid on it yesterday, but she immediately licked the Bandaid off. So much for that. And, yes, Mom, I put silver on it. It looks slightly better than it did yesterday, so I'll give it a little more time. If any of you Texans know which of our many seriously creepy lawn creatures might have done this, let me know if there is a better course of action, por favor.
I have finally resorted to exercise videos on those days that Jake doesn't get home from school until 10. The two time a week possibility of the community center isn't turning out to be enough for me to feel like less of a lump. I figured thrift store excercise videos would be just great while I mute them and listen to talk radio or my own music to work out---until there's time/money to take dance classes one day....or teach them. Anyway, last night I discovered just how cheery Denise Austin really is. That's her job, I know, but I can't help but think of my high school drill team advisor. For those of you who know, come on, there's a resemblance. With that smile and sculpted hair, good ol' Denise has kicked my quads into soreness today. That's a good thing. We'll see how Billy Taebo does next time around.
Tessa McBessa is up from her nap....with drool somehow in her hair and banana residue on her upper lip from breakfast. Bath time!
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Mindy said...

welcome to the blog world! The pics of Tessa that Stockyards are so cute!!!

DustinandChristina said...

I seriously love Denise Austin!!! She has tips on more effective workouts and food choices, good stuff like that. If you google her I am sure you can get the site she is on.