Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Vacation Safety School

For the last week in July, Tessa was signed up for Vacation Safety School, and Cole was signed up for Vacation Bible School. 
I'm awful and didn't get a picture of Cole this particular week, but he had a great time participating and came home singing all kinds of praises. We were sad that the two weeks overlapped because Tessa really enjoys VBS as well.
Tessa signed up for Vacation Safety School way back in the spring with her friend Anna. What an awesome program our city's police department puts on. Tessa came home every day spouting off exactly how we could be safer and what to do in emergencies. 
Along with all kinds of safety fun and games at the police station, she was able to tour a fire station, ride the DART, and have a bicycle rodeo. She and Anna had a blast together.

The gals with the city's chief of police:
Graduation cake!
Note Paige on the right side of the picture doing her own praise song and dance for bites of Tessa's cake. It worked.
Community programs for kids rock.

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