Thursday, August 8, 2013

Cole's 4th Birthday!

Cole had his first friend birthday party this year. He was so excited to have people over to celebrate with him. It was going to be a water party outside, but, of course, it rained. So we improvised and made the most of the hour and a half long party. We had a pizza dinner, made paper airplanes and had a contest flying them, played "Statues", opened presents, had cake, and then passed out candy bags and popsicles as parents came to get their kids.
Here's our cute little group of goobers:
Anna, Tessa, Ben, Cole, Charlie (who may be the nicest four year old I've ever met), Isaac, and Julie.

My children naturally, and thankfully, have low expectations for their birthday cakes. Cole mentioned that he'd like an Ironman cake at one point, so I thought I'd find an Ironman toy and stick that sucker right on the cake. I didn't find one at the grocery store and was not going to make time to hunt all over for one, so I did my best to come up with something...
 Cole could tell what it was and was very pleased with my handiwork, so that made me happy too.
When it came time to sing "Happy Birthday", Tessa, Anna, and Julie had come up with a song to sing first. It's a shame I can't get the video of it to upload here, but know that the clapping medley they came up with as they took turns to sing to Cole was quite entertaining --and sweet.
Here are the two party babies:
Sweeties Emmeline and Paige.
 We actually had Cole's party the night before his actual birthday since our Saturday was going to be hectic with plans, so we decided to have him open his family presents that night as well.
Way to pick 'em grandmas and grandpas! A bowling set, Avengers outfit, Ironman, and a nice recorder:

 Paige gave him superhero underwear (because it's not embarrassing at their ages), and Tessa gave him a Superman cup and a new toothbrush.
 Mom and Dad went for a helmet and a scooter:

 My cutest four year old:
Cole can be crazy, but he sure is a riot because of it. He has a great sense of humor, a curious mind, some hilarious facial expressions, and  can be really sweet. I'm always surprised at how a kid this skinny and full of boney angles can be such an amazing snuggle buddy. He loves music, superheroes, playing with his big sister, cartoons, bows and arrows, bowling, the Wii, playing with friends, climbing, throwing things, and messing with stuff he isn't supposed to mess with. He has also taken up wearing  his bike helmet whenever possible --we just go with it, and have gone with it to Costco. :)
Love you my big boy!


Jen said...

i can't believe how big they are all getting! what a fun trip you had ;)
love ya!

Lori said...

Love the cute birthday pictures! That sweet boy is so happy with all of his birthday presents, his smiles melt my heart. Love you Cole!

Lori said...

Great job on the Ironman cake!