Monday, September 23, 2013

August 2013 iPhone photos/videos

You know you've made a real mess when Dad doesn't want to take you down the hall to the tub. 
Sink it is!
 I can't. Keep. Anything in one piece ---with kids around.
We have recently said goodbye to our big wooden giraffe because after so many kid related (not all mine) nose dives, I couldn't make his shard face feign wholeness. Somehow Cole broke the "Karibu" sign that hung under the Masai plate. And our latest tragedy: our muse. I refused to glue his leg on one more time. Most kids only messed with his walking stick after they'd destroyed the gourd he held, but not Paige. She loved to pick up Muse and dance with him. His old leg couldn't take it.
Oh, well. He was a bit on the foul side, with his way too short tunic and goods on display. Give me a break -- no one ever noticed!
This is me looking sad that we can't keep anything in tact. And it's one of the last pictures taken of me (end of August) before having the baby... There you go, kid!
I know nothing really lasts forever, and I am in serious need of new decor, but it's not next on the list! Hold out just a bit longer!
 Can't let a good box go to waste...
 Tessa, up until VERY recently draws girls with hair over one eye. I gently tease her about drawing cyclops girls, and she explains to me that the hair style covers one eye. I don't know where she got it. Dad was doing Tessa's hair, because he's awesome like that sometimes, when he decided to do a "Tessa girl drawing" hairstyle. She's not impressed. She's been drawing both eyes a little more lately...
Only the shortest videos will post on the blog, so we're missing some serious awesomeness on here. I am glad that we can get some stuff up now, though, where I couldn't figure it out before.
I give you "Paige dancing in front of Mama's big pregnant belly" and Tessa's "YNCA": 

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