Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Utah/Idaho in October

Last month we took our two week trip to Utah and Idaho. We could not have asked for more beautiful weather and better company. I did not get pictures of everything that I should have. I am making a promise to myself that next time I will be more consistent with taking pictures....especially of ALL of the cousins.
Well, here are some of the funs we had:
This is Tessa's cousin Simone. The two girls together = inseparable. It's really cute to see them love each other so much. I'm thinking that Gracie will be joining the cuzzie girl hug next go round.
One evening we took a stroll around Temple Square.
The Church has a children's museum on the top floor of the regular museum. Love the dress ups.
The witches at Gardner's Village:
At Dad and Sandy's:
At the Treehouse Museum:

At my Mom and Duke's:
(I can't believe I didn't take pics of the Halloween party. Hanging head in shame.)
Grandma and Grandpa D's:
This would be a girl who wasn't going to bother trying to nap while on vacation. She finally fell asleep while coloring at Gma D's. Party animal.

I think this a sweet picture of Cole meeting his Great Grandma:

Leaves, leaves, leaves.

Dancing Fancy Nancies:
We were able to see a LOT of people during our stay, especially considering we were on vacation, but not everyone else was. Love all around. Thanks so much for making it so we are already excited for next time.

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