Wednesday, November 25, 2009


We didn't get to the pumpkin until the last second, but at least we got to it. Jake and Tessa had a great time making the jack o lantern together.

Then to the trunk or treat!
Here's my whine about the trunk or treat: Older kids shouldn't be making the rounds two or three times while the littlies are trying their best to get around once. Move on to the neighborhoods if you want more! Seriously. Bah. Humbug.
Anyway, here's the one family picture we took:

We've got a princess and a frog. Then, with vacation and all, I didn't put much thought into what Jake and I were going to be until it was too late to add effort. However, Jake's costume will be my favorite for a long time to come. A couple nights before, while lying in bed and brainstorming costume ideas for Jake (it's not a choice to not dress up for Halloween at my house), I mentioned Mr. Belvedere and we both busted up laughing. I even snort laughed. So, three bucks later, Jake had himself a sweater vest. The Mr. Belvedere theme song was stuck in my head for a week.
For my costume, I just grabbed some random 70's garb I had. Someone asked me if I just had a costume hanging around at home when I mentioned I just threw some stuff on, and I answered, "Yes. I've got a bunch of costumes to choose from." Then I realized that not everyone is like that. That it's strange for me to have a costume box complete with wigs and a garment bag with things like an 80's sequin top or an orange polyester suit. Oh well. Mom's fault.
Here we've got a couple of the girliest girls you ever did see:
I love you, Halloween. Sorry I kind of neglected you this year. I'll make up for it next year by forcing the family into themed costumes and utilizing some dry ice. That'll do it.


Liz said...

HAHA! Love Jake's costume. You're in trouble though, now I have the Mr. Belvedere song in my head!

djensen said...

Yay for pictures! Princess T gets cuter every day and your little man is quite handsome, I can't believe how big they are getting. At least you dressed up for Halloween-and kudos on the pumpkin. We bought one but never got around to carving it! Miss ya!