Wednesday, November 18, 2009

2009 Texas State Fair trip

Now here's a family tradition you're going to get stuck viewing every year!
Here's the petting zoo:

A mama goat had barely given birth to some babies. No pictures. Birth is a messy business, you know. Still kinda cool to see.
Feeding the llamas and checking out the ostriches:
I love going through the different fair entries. I don't know what it is about seeing what wins the blue ribbons. There's something very quaint about it. Here I am with Cole by some prize winning bottled goods. Nice pose. I know. I look like the Jam Crusader or something. Preserving preserves everywhere!
It's not an official trip to the state fair without a picture of Big Tex in his new Dickies outfit. Tessa didn't agree.
She was done. So were we after sharing our 10 dollar meal -a big corn dog and a drink. 10 bucks. Seriously. I mean, 20 tickets. Good thing we went to see the dog dancing. There's something about a dog dancing in sequins that makes my cheap self feel as though I'm getting my money's worth at the fair. ;)

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