Sunday, August 31, 2008

Keepin' It Real

So Kelley tagged me. I had to take pictures of things as they were right when I received the tag (including my appearance), not after I cleaned things up. That was the rule. I took the pictures yesterday right I after I read Kel's message... I don't know about this tag. Here you go:
The Toilet
uh, I'm pretty sure this will be the first and last time I take a picture of my toilet --unless an alligator comes up through it or something.
The Kitchen Sink complete with nasty sponge and washcloth

The Refrigerator.
Where Kel lacks in milk, I obviously make up for it.

The Laundry Room
or in our case, the laundry cubby

The Closet

Jake's side vs. Maren's side

My Favorite Shoes

I've already shown you the birthday heels before. Those poor Teva flip flops have just about had it. But, oh, the comfort.



We were in the middle of cleaning, so that explains the shower curtain. I spared you the brown skirt I had on with the gray t-shirt. We had come from a baptism that morning, and I had yet to change out of half my "Sunday clothes".

Favorite Room in the House

I couldn't really think of a favorite room. However, this is definitely the best seat in the house. The perfect reading chair.

What the Kid was Doing as I took the pictures

I was not about to wake her up by trying to take a photo of her sleeping.

And there you go. Call me Good Sport. I tag Adrienne, Ally B., and Jenny J. --AND I don't even feel sorry about it.


Lori said...

Look at you and your nice clean house! Do you realize how bad that tag could have been for some? Way to go girl!

Rasmussen Forever said...

You are a Great Sport! That's a very cute tag. Good job on the milk! I need to drink that much milk to get my bones into shape. You're awesome!!!

Kelley Rae said...

I love you and love reading your blogs! I totally laugh every time I come here. "And I don't even feel sorry about it!" I can so hear you in my head as I'm reading it. thanks for being such a good sport!!

adrienne said...

You are so mean! :) I just have to say you caught me at the worst time for this one!

The Little Things said...

I will play your game but since I am at work I can't take pictures of most of this it may be a few days :) and I think you are awesome! I miss ya~