Sunday, August 31, 2008

Demon Crockpot

Never thought I'd see those two words together.

I had the strangest streak of bad luck with crockpot the other day. After the kids and I got back from the library, I thought I'd be all on top of it and get dinner going in the trusty crockpot. As I was getting it out of the cupboard, the glass top fell from my hands and shattered into a bajillion pieces on the floor. I scrambled as quickly as I could to get it cleaned up before the T and H knew anything had happened. I figured I could order another cheap lid to fit online. I just used aluminum foil for the time being. Well, fast forward the day. Jake was home and I went to see if dinner was finished. I didn't even pause. I lifted up the foil and immediately seared my left thumb with steam. O.U.C.H. It's better now, but it actually blistered. Jake went to work being helpful and getting the rest of dinner taken care of while I ran cold water over the burn. He put the ceramic part of the crockpot in the sink after he pulled the food out. I pushed the tap to the other side of the sink...water got into the ceramic bowl, and cccrrrraaaccckkk. Good bye forever, crockpot. The temperatures didn't like each other. Blah. Ah well. At least dinner was good.

We don't usually have dessert unless someone else is over. However, we decided that in honor of the crockpot and my thumb that we should have mini s'mores. (Don't look for a logical connection.) We roasted mini marshmellows over a tea light with a fruit fondue fork. Then we took out the ever popular Teddy Grahams, put two chocolate chips on the roasted mallow, and VOILA!
I went climbing that night for the ward youth activity and not only climbed for the first time, I also learned to belay. Fun. If I can keep trying to get over my stupid fear of heights, I'd like to climb more.


Lori said...

I love the smores idea. Stupid crockpot. Next time you burn yourself call me so I can remind you to put silver on it so it won't blister! P.S. It's not to late, it will heal faster.:)

Rasmussen Forever said...

Sorry about the crockpot and your blister. That's a stinker! Smart on you for the mini smore dessert. I think I want to try that with my kiddies. And bravo to you for you over coming your fears.

Kelley Rae said...

Love the mini s'more idea - how you even came up with the idea intrigues me! Hope your thumb is better soon. Burns are the worst!

Talbot Family said...

No dessert? What do you do for fun? I must admit that I as always admire your creativity.