Thursday, July 31, 2008

Zoobilee Zoo

I know I don't match. I'm not pregnant, nor am I wearing a tank top. I did have a 20 month old, though, so I fit in okay. :)
Tessa and I met some friends at the Dallas Zoo after an interesting ride on the DART. Public transportation is always interesting. I love it, don't get me wrong, but there is always someone who offers more entertainment in people watching than others.
It was HOT that day. We still had a good time looking at animals and hanging out with fun friends.

Hudson, Maggie, and Tessa

Tessa was really happy to see her best bud "Duddo" again. It had been a while. She dove onto the poor kid when she finally had a chance.

The very next day Tessa and I boarded the DART again to go see Jake for lunch downtown. We went into the underground tunnels and had lunch there. Jake had told me all about those tunnels once he discovered them at this job, but I had to see it to get a picture in my mind. Parts of it reminded me of old Valley Fair Mall, and parts reminded me of a train station. Plenty of women had switched out their pumps for tennis shoes during their lunch breaks to get in some exercise. It was fun to semi join them.


Rasmussen Forever said...

Great photo, Maren! Whether you matched or not, you still looked cute. I love the photo with Tessa and the penguin.

Mindy said...

Oh, I'm glad you got to get Hudson together with Tessa. Fun day! And by the way the second coat of paint looks a lot better! good for you for going for it, though. I might have to do that instead of waiting for Chris!

Kelley Rae said...

Thanks for Katie's address, I was actually thinking who I could wrangle her information out of so I could see her blog. Don't be offended, I deleted your comment, I'm kinda funny about the whole privacy thing. But don't think I don't love ya!

Talbot Family said...

I bet your zoo is way better than ours. Shanna, Beth, and I just went and watched all of the animals hide. Fun!