Thursday, July 31, 2008


I wanted to brighten up my living room. I wanted color. I wanted to be daring. The decorator shows are all about getting color into those rooms it seems and I have watched the bandwagon pass me by several times. I finally hopped on without knowing where I was going. I picked a color I THOUGHT I would love. Turns out I didn't. I was smart enough to call my dad (who painted homes professionally for a number of years) AFTER I was done painting. He mentioned that it would be smart to not buy two gallons at a time when using a new color. A quart to try it out on the wall will give you enough of an idea as to whether you want to proceed or not. Might sound like common sense. Okay, it's common sense. Which is not always my forte. Especially when I am ready to just have something done already.

So. Jake helped me paint our living room "Sahara". We did a lovely paint job. Too bad I felt like I was living in the Carl's Jr. star or in a cantina when we were finished. But, because we'd bought all that paint, and it cost money, I kept thinking that maybe I'd like it more when it was all done and the furniture was back in place. I didn't. I hated it. The pictures make it look better than it was. It's not that it's such a terrible color, it's just that it clashes so much with our decor. I can't afford a new decor. I could not live with it.

After making the paint guy listen to my woes and give me advice, I was offered a free gallon of paint. Hallelujah. That made it a little easier to still try to be a little daring. This yellow is not my favorite. But I can live with it. Not forever.....but for a while. I like the color with natural light on it, but I am not a fan with the inside lights. It's a bit too lemony. But I can live with "Pismo Dunes" for now.
Besides the quart color tryout, I learned that next time I should spend more time working out the color than on the idea of actually painting.
I learned that different lighting can really switch things up.
I'm not going to let this experience make me afraid of paint.
Now if you think the latest yellow is hideous, you have my full permission to just keep that to yourself.


Rasmussen Forever said...

You know Maren, I think Heavenly Father knew that I would have an extreme problem with things like paint. That's why he gave me my hubby, who is an "all-out handyman" or stud-muffin, as he puts it. I will be the first to admit it, I know nothing about home improvement, nor will I ever in the future. But with the work we are involved with, with my parents old home. I know we are taken care of, because of him. My prayers are with you. And if you need any tips, let me know, I'll ask my "homedepot man" and I'll get back to you asap. I do think you did a great job.

Kelley Rae said...

I actually just helped my friend paint her family room in a buttery yellow like the second coat. It looks great with her bold red and sage green. We were quite pleased with ourselves. A trick I've found is to tape a bunch of swatches to the wall and watch them for a couple days. That way you see how the light changes with them. But I think what you have now looks great!

Maren said...

Kelley! You can't just comment and then not let me see what's been going on with you! How fun to see your cute face show up.
My email:
Yes. I expect a response.

Kelley Rae said...

I sent an invite awhile ago but it must have been an old address. Consider yourself invited!!

Lori said...

The new paint looks great. I am glad that you are comforatable with the color now. Good for you for getting right back to repainting the room. Bet you're glad that project of over (at least for awhile).

The Egans said...

Maren, I like it...I think it looks great! I liked the first color too, but I really like the second color!
Can you tell Kelly that I want to be invited to her blog too?

adrienne said...

I love it! It looks so great with your decor. I found out the buy a tester color before you paint the hard way, too. Luckily I learned it on my kitchen so that I was prepared when we painted our two story entry way! Now that you've started it might be hard to stop! I love what a fresh coat of paint does for a room, especially when I love the color.

Wendy Peay said...

Maren, I think your color choices were great, but I also undestand hating them too. When we were building our house, we thought we chose a light shade of tan, nope,we have a very peachy home now! Oh well, atleast our tile matches it. Good luck on future painting endeavors. Love ya

The Furness Fam said...

I've made that mistake before. I got a wild hair once when I moved into the house we are living in now and decided one day that the bathroom needed "some color". The blue looked great on the 2-inch paint swatch, however, when it was multiplied by 100 on the walls, it made you feel like you were entering a very dark cave every time you went into the bathroom...those darn decorating shows make it look so easy. Anyway, I'm glad you ended up with a color you like, I think it looks nice.

Talbot Family said...

I love painting. The great thing about paint is that you can always change it. I love to paint and repaint according tomy mood or time of year. Good thing paint is pretty cheap. I like the yellow.

Elizabeth~ One earthy mama said...

I loved the boldness of the first yellow, but have you been to my house? White walls don't exist here. LOL! The second probably does go better in your house.

My kitchen is next... yellow and tangerine stripes!! WOOHOO!!